Cory Trepanier

Join artist Cory Trepanier as he explores the richness of the north, at times with his family, and creates a new collection of original oil paintings from the Canadian arctic over a few years. This concentrated effort to explore and paint from west to east, and south to north, exploring the wide scope of the arctic experience is truly unique. By interacting so closely with his environment, Cory's canvases will be infused with a genuineness that will bring viewers closer to this land. These video journals share unique insights into the adventure and the creative process as it unfolds over the next few years. Reports come from the wilderness and from Cory's studio in Caledon, Ontario, Canada as he develops the paintings that he begins in the field, leading up to exhibitions, televised documentaries and more. Find out all the details about this exciting project at Learn more about the fine art of Cory Trepanier at