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Coqueiro Verde Records is an independent record label, created by the partnership between the long time friends Marcos Kilzer and Léo Esteves. With a modern administration and a team of in tune professionals, the company initiated its activities in August of 2006, acting through three main divisions: national division, music publisher and international division.

Coqueiro Verde Records will be always a channel to promoting new talents. We are always on the search of unique gifted and talented artists of the more varied segments. Constantly focuses on the new routes of the music industry, we are developing strategies of marketing to promote these artists and we will provide the support for the consolidation of its paths in the music industry.

The music publishing – whose catalogue shelters important authors as Erasmo Carlos, Roberta Miranda and Cláudio Rabello, beyond other works of the international and national repertoire – focuses on the respect for the work of the author, the preservation of his works and it’s copyright.

Coqueiro Verde Records focuses on the licensing of titles in CD and DVD for the Brazilian market. With the growing demand for DVD products, we are launching for the public consumer new releases with the big names of the music industry, unpublished shows and exclusive performances, mixing MUSIC and IMAGE and transforming that into EMOTION.

The exclusive distribution in Brazil of Coqueiro Verde Records is done by Sony DADC – what guarantees the best logistic support of the market.

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