Created in August 2006 in Rennes, ConfliktArts is a one stop shop manufacturing company where you can order everything you need as a musician, label, festival or booking agency. From buttons to vinyls, Cd's, t-shirts and posters, ConfliktArts meets all the music industry needs..
The company hosts a whole range of talents in different areas, with staff who are experts in the music business, both technically (sound engineers) and musically (artists), as well as in fields like artistic development (former label manager) and the visual arts (graphic designers). Some 20 people work daily in the Rennes, Paris, London and Barcelona agencies.
More information: Choice, innovation and prices are our driving forces but our relaxed yet highly professional customer service expertise is what really makes Conflikt Arts stand apart.

More than 5 000 bands, festivals, concert halls, managers, etc... trust us, with an average of 30,000 visitors per month and 100,000 page views. Our services are available via our online store in the following sections:

CD/DVD replication
Vinyl pressing
recording, mixing, mastering
printing (flyers, posters, stickers...)
merchandising (tee shirts, textiles, advertising items...)
graphic design (logo design, cd sleeve design...)
digital distribution (via Zimbalam)
routing (storage – shipping posters and flyers to different venues...)
Ticketing system (via Moxity)
& many more...

Some of our references :

Because Music (Syd Matters, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Metronomy, Selah Sue, Plasticines ...), Savoir Faire Cie (Bewitched Hands, Birdy Nam Nam ...), Atmosphériques, Record Makers, Moriarty, Marble, Pitchfork Festival, La Villette Sonique, Jazz à la Villette, Festival Mo'fo, Da Brasilians, Hushpuppies, Push Up, Coeur de Pirate, Eiffel, Luke, Sexy Sushi, Flairs, Meltones, Feloche, Birdy Hunt, Mass Hysteria, Les Fatals Picards, Pan European, Maroquinerie, Café de la Danse, les Trois Baudets, Trabendo, Sunset / Sunside Jazz Club, Furax, Imperial, 3C...

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