Peter Clarke

I spent my childhood in the farming community on the hills above the towns of Littleborough & Todmorden on the Lancashire & Yorkshire border .At the age of 15 I started work at Bottoms Cotton Mill in Walsden later moving to the Albion Mill in Littleborough there I became a mule spinner spinning cotton .After completing the Lancashire Cotton Course at Bury Collage under Mr John Hope Townsend and at the age of 21 became the Mule Overlooker in the number 3 muleroom at the Ensor Mill in Rochdale according to Mr Townsend I was the youngest person he had know to become a Mule Overlooker in Lancashire and in such a large muleroom. <br />My real love was music and entertaining and I learnt to play several instruments playing with several Lancashire & Yorkshire Brass Bands, I also entertained in the North of England Clubs playing Guitar with a great Bass player called Bob Higgins in a Duo we called Copperfield we split up after four years I became a Stand Up Comic and Bob became a great Guitar Vocalist working in the Oldam area ,his stage name was Bob Christie. <br />I've been a Professional Comic for many years now and I moved from Lancashire to The Isle of Wight working in the Holiday Parks and Hotels. <br />