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Cinema Lux is a virtual reality old fashioned slightly seedy Grindhouse cinema! It shows a whole range of genre movies made by the "Damsels In Distress productions (London)" studio, whose movies all have several things in common. 1) They're all based on types of movies that were popular years ago, like 1940s comedies, or British horror B-Movies of the 1960s and 70s 2) They're made using a lo-tech old fashioned retro animation style 3) They all feature beautiful women in danger of being Eaten! (Sometimes they actually do!) But not the kind of gory zombie cannibal stuff we always get but what we call "Erotic Cannibalism" - A Playful sexy game where kitchen preparation becomes foreplay, and Eating becomes Sex! A Game of oils and spices, apples in mouths and steamy cooking pots. It's one of the most widespread and popular Fetishes in the world, yet it's also probably the least recognised and least catered to. With the spread of the internet sites dedicated to this playful practice have slowly started to redress the balance. This is one of them. Here we mix this "Erotic Cannibal" passion with a love of classic movies and of the art of cinema itself. All the films shown here are proper full length movies, that feature Erotic Cannibalism as well. We hope that whether you are an "Erotic Cannibal", Curious to see what it's about, or simply someone who likes sexy funny action packed dramatic movies (starring cut outs!) then buy a ticket, get some popcorn and sit down for a screening of one of our films. We hope you enjoy!