I'm gonna miss youtube... not really, actually. XD Youtube really ticked me off so I made an account here! ^^ I hope to stay hear much longer than on youtube, so please bear with me as I get used to Dailymotion~ I'm a youtuber, I don't know how to use Dailymotion quite yet... OTL <br /><br />I make MMD, UTAU, and blog videos! I also make video's of me drawing/coloring pictures! ^^ Although I'm not the greatest artist, I do hope that you guys will be considerate and watch them anyway! I've only been drawing anime for like two years and I just now am starting actually get better. I'm more of an realistic artist, to tell the truth, seeing that I used to only ever draw realism. (that got boring so I decided to try out Anime and I like that more then Realism! :3 Anime just never gets old too me! ^^) <br /><br />I'm truly sorry if you guys do not like some of my videos due to it's content. Like some of them will be yaoi related, some Yuri, and I'm truly sorry about that! >.< Please don't hate me for that. I just like Yaoi and Yuri. :3 But I will have a wide variety of videos on here so I hope that there will be a video for everyone! ^^