Chemically Unbalanced

A new web series about love, science and what happens when you mix the two together. New episodes every Wednesday. <br /><br />Season 2 has begun!! <br /><br />NEXT WEEK: Episode 2 -- Dusty and Mara meet for a bite to eat and a re-opening of old wounds. <br /><br />Eric Poole (Lee Eisenberger) is in love with Dani (Shana Meyerand). His friends, Dusty (Mark Jurosko) and Mara (Jenn Wilsey), think he's delusional because Dani has a boyfriend - Jason (Caleb Jernigan). What's a Chemistry major to do? Create a pheremone, of course! Will Eric get the girl of his dreams or will his experiment turn out Chemically Unbalanced? <br /><br />directed by Elijah Armstrong <br />written by Sly McCoy <br />original music composed by Adam Parrott and Samuel Favata <br /><br />the cast: <br />Lee Eisenberger --- Eric Poole <br />Mara Withers --- Jenn Wilsey <br />Dusty Grant --- Mark Jurosko <br />Danielle (Dani) Con --- Shana Meyerand <br />Nikki Allen --- Mary Ellen Cameron <br />Jason Baker --- Caleb Jernigan <br />Luke Cassidy --- Rob Stetson <br />Eliza Poole --- Natalie Roberts