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My name is Marco Spitoni, I live and work in
the north of Italy. I have been using 3DStudio MAX since its
first release (after 3Dstudio R4).
I worked in special effects for commercials at the end
of the 80's, when physical models were used instead of CG.
In 1993 I was hired in a local videogames developer company
now known as Milestone who worked with Virgin IE and
EA Sports, for which I still work as senior artist.
My passion for 3D graphics began in 1995 with
3DStudio R4 when I wanted to re-create starship models
from Star Wars movies, without using glue and plastic.
Then I decided to enclose all those models
in one (all CG) short movie 'Join the Empire'.
Later, I've dedicated much of my spare time to develop
a new idea for a short movie project:'THE HUNT'.
You can download these animations in the Movies area.
Despite the fact that working on long animations instead of
still 3D images is much more time consuming before you have
the final result, I do privilege this kind of expression.
I've always loved cinema and its language, and this is
a chance for me to tell a visually intriguing story, just using
my imagination and creative skills... just a 3D package and a PC.

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