After a ruff ride on the waves of the new world order between 1982-2004 & playing Bass guitar for more than 10 years Xewar Mader Aka ''Catmirr Heroturko'' <br /><br />Catmirr's musical mood changes from scene to scene but it's mostly based on rock& hardcore punk, also broken-beats, oldskool techno are in his favorites list. He also has spiritually deep bonds with the psychedelic-tech philosophy. <br /><br />During the years nothing has been changed in the combination of non-genre work, fools follow rules and extreme listening hours. <br /><br />spreading like cancer into different listeners hearts around the world via internet and many intenational underground/officall events performed in aka different audio visual projects. <br /><br />By boosting Catmirr's audio diversity and cooling the sound with a Visual Cooling Filter played & performed in many underground events with many Leading underground DJ'S, Catmirr officiates his underground character as one of many musical projects he hosts. <br />* ''Rock in Electronica'' is one of the most popular series since 2007 <br />* ''Psy in da house'' Series performed since 2009 <br />* Performed more than 100 open air/indoor domestic& international events <br />* More than 20 underground mix remix mashup & edits for various musical projects and more coming . <br />* 1 underground Album ''Petra Lounge'' 7.987 hits on in 3 months chillout Project <br />* Catmirr Can Play : Minimal Tech - Breakbeat - Psy/Progressive trance - Tech/House - Electro Rock - Progressive House <br />* Catmirr Heroturko also attended many events held in Turkei for Audio/Visual scene and boosted his musical journey by re-editing and montaging videos for Electronic music tracks around the globe. <br /><br />Catmirr Heroturko Project is friend of: <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br /> <br /><br />