Scientists discovered that the great Leonardo da Vinci was correct in his assumptions – humans ARE biorobots. Every person gets a program at birth. No human is able to deviate from this individual program. Anybody can be manipulated by the use of certain set programs. The question, “What is the soul?” has been answered. The soul has been found and is described in the "Catalog Of Human Souls" ("Catalog Of Human Population") Scientific Analytical Laboratory. Archeological excavations by students of deep psychology–the search of the human soul—can now be considered complete. It was found that all programs have been recorded on a monument dating back to the 20thcentury BC. In 1975, decryption of this ancient manuscript began. The compilation of the full Catalog is almost complete. We, people who are described in the Catalog, now have the opportunity to stop asking ourselves questions like, “Who am I?”, “Why am I?’, and “What is my purpose?”. For additional information visit / The Catalog Of Human Population is Google for finding human souls/