Hannah Montanas biggest fan!

I like Cats and dogs, i like movies like high school musical, parent trap,Aquamarine, i like shows like H2O just add water and hannah Montana I also like music by Chrstina, natasha bedingfeild,Ashley Tisdale,Jesse Mccartney, Gwen Stefani and Hiary Duff. I belive in mermaids and im very very very very good at reading. My favourite subject in school is History. I like doing my bratzs hair and dressing up my polly pockets. And i LOVE watching the great videos on Dailymotion! Oh i almost forgot! I also love music by avril lavinge. Especilly Girlfriend! My favourite place to eat is pizza hut... mmm cheesy bites! My favourite books are the dead famous ones. Oh and my favourite colour is purple!I cry at the movie titanic!