CareerTV is the world's leading employer branding & recruiting video streaming network. We partner with companies to help them communicate their employer value proposition via streaming video to their targeted talent markets across the world. Our partner portfolio consists of hundreds of universities, job boards and career sites that syndicates our content via self-served XML feeds or widgets. <br /><br />Our audience are students, graduates and young professionals across the world looking for online guidance and knowledge about career opportunities and companies. They use CareerTV and our partners as a research tool to more effectively find employer information and plan their careers. We offer four video channels: employer videos, career advice, career show and university videos. <br /><br />CareerTV is currently available in Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and the USA with plans to enter into China and India during 2009. Our global footprint, global video production network and partner syndication portfolio puts us in an unique position to deliver premium value to companies across the world.