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Trial of a Timelord
Destiny of the Daleks
The Five Doctors
Planet of Evil
The Time Meddler
Attack of the Cybermen
Brain of Morbius
Black Orchid
E-Space Trilogy
Four to Doomsday
The Invasion of Time
K9 Tales
The Rescue & The Romans
The War Machines
The Image of the Fendahl
The Deadly Assassin


Cill bill
New Competion
5 years ago by Cill bill
Entertainment Weekly recently did an online list of the 25 greatest cult shows ever--here's the link.,,20302134_20304619,00.html Guess who made number one? Doctor Who!!!!!! I feel so proud!!
5 years ago by harrietamidala1691
It's over--today I have finally finished the entire run of the whole classic Doctor Who series and the TV movie! It has taken me over a year to do, but I have done it. Don't know what's next in store for me (other than wait for the specials and series 5) but I can't wait.
5 years ago by harrietamidala1691
Oh my God! Oh my god!
I have just listened to the latest Big Finish podcast and they've announced that Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Mark Strickson and Janet Fielding are going to be doing 3 new audios in 2010!
That is gonna be so great!
5 years ago by Mikedwfan

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