Josh Turner

Somehow you found us. Two dudes, one named Ben Kniffen (pronounced Gnyph-In) and one named Josh Turner (pronouced Tur-ner). We’ve been working together for a long time, really since we were about 15. That was 1996. <br /><br />We went on backpacking trips about 10 years ago and quickly realized that the best part of camping and the outdoors is all the cool gear and equipment you get to buy. Since then we’ve bought more stuff, and even bought so much stuff that we started a small online store where we sell some of it. <br /><br />But selling stuff isn’t what gets us excited about camping gear, it’s the gear itself. Talking about the stuff that we love finding at our front door when we get home from work. Opening a new package and playing with new gear is awesome, and we want to talk about it. That’s what campinggeartv is about. <br /><br />This video blog or vblog or tv or whatever is going to be awesome. We’re gonna shoot a few new episodes a week and talk about all kinds of gear. New gear, traditional mainstays, gear that isn’t worth a damn, gear that’s awesome, everything and anything that you might have to buy someday for a camping, hiking, rafting….you get the picture. <br /><br />We promise that we’ll always shoot you straight. If we get a free product from somebody, we may or may not talk about it. And if we do talk about it, we’re going to be 100% honest about what we think. Full disclosure all the time, and totally honest opinions about the good, the bad and the ugly. <br /><br />Stay tuned….