"I'm convinced that if we are to get on the <br />right side of the world revolution, we as a <br />nation must undergo a radical revolution of <br />values. We must rapidly begin the shift from <br />a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented <br />society. When machines and computers, profit <br />motives and property rights are considered more <br />important than people, the giant triplets of <br />racism, militarism and economic exploitation <br />are incapable of being conquered." <br />-Martin Luther King Jr <br /><br />I believe we all deserve to find a way to transcend <br />the need to trade our time for money, especially <br />time spent doing something that doesn't align with <br />our core values. So I’ve started a community of <br />conscious, ethical entrepreneurs who’ll come <br />together to create ethical and realistic opportunities for <br />people to leave the old monetary paradigm, find their <br />true passions, and thereby more freedom to pursue them. <br />We can't, as a species, continue our current path. We <br />have the technology, strength, compassion, wisdom and <br />opportunity to create a kind of human paradise on Earth. <br />Step one, I believe, is transcending the monetary system <br />and thus pulling the rug from beneath the current power <br />struggle to perpetuate the status quo, and by also organizing <br />with those who recognize the same, community by community. <br />