Free Donwload:<br /><br />Installing on PC:<br />1. Download and unrare hack.<br />2. Put it into CoDBO folder.<br />3. After running the game back to the folder and run hack.<br />4. Back to game.<br />5. Hack should be ready.<br /><br />Installing for console:<br />1. You need an USB. (Only 2 MB need.)<br />2. Download and unrare this hack (Mirrors)<br />3. Make a new folder called CBO<br />4. Inside the CBO folder you just made, make a new folder called "CallofDutyBlackOps"<br />5. Copy this hack into "CallofDutyBlackOps" folder.<br />6. When it is finished copying from your computer put your USB device into your console.<br />7. On your console go to theme settings.<br />8. The list of options will come up. Go to install.<br />9. Select your USB device and select the theme you want to install.