Name: Syaza <br /><br />MY forum : <br /><br />MY graphic forum : <br /><br />Im from Malaysia. Love watching F1,EPL(Kop's fan),Kdramas and TDramas addict <br /><br />-Fernando Alonso 4eva supporter! <br />-Liverpool FC and Valencia CF supporter! <br /><br />Interests & Hobbies: Making photoshop and surfing internet! <br />Movies & Shows: KDrama's-My Girl,Goong,My Name is Kim SamSoon,Sassy Girl Chun Hyang <br /><br />Movies-Arang and A Millionaire First Love- <br />Death Note I,II <br /><br />Taiwansese Drama-Prince Turns To A Frog,It Started With A Kiss,Meteor Garden I,II- <br />Rock,Paper,Scissors(A Game Abt Love),Hana Kimi <br />Music: Korean and Taiwanese songs,mostly I like all type of songs but not a fan of hard rock songs <br /><br />183 Club + 7 Flowers(groups from Taiwan) <br /><br />J Star (Jungiery Star) <br />