Ray Holley and Linda Deir is the Intuitive Medium Team for the Channeled Readings, LLC project. Together they have a combined 25 years of Intuitive Medium experience. Additionally, both Ray and Linda have extensive business and artistic backgrounds. These two have the healthiest relationship in every capacity. Even they are amazed at this. <br /><br />They channel the NEWS before it happens to help anyone that finds them to prepare for what's coming. They too follow these predictions that they channel for their readership. They can't imagine life without this advantage to get the NEWS before it happens, as well as access to personal insights into their lives. <br /><br />Since 1989 THE CR NEWS REPORTS© have been channeled through the exclusive use of Ask The Universal Channel® talking board by: Ray Holley & Linda Deir, the Channeled Readings, LLC Intuitive Medium Team. Each CR News Reports© TOPIC is published within 24 hours from the time we channel it. Channeled directly from our "Higher Intelligence" source! <br /><br />WHY READ ABOUT the News after it happens when you can get the "News Before It Happens" . . . Channeled Readings, LLC CR News Reports© <br /><br />"News That Wakes Up The World" not just news you wake up to. <br /><br />WHAT THE CR NEWS REPORTS© MEMBERS GET ... isn't just the "news" it's the "News BEFORE It Happens." In other words, you get "news predictions" on the news so you know what's going to happen before it actually occurs. Sign up for the CR News Reports©