Welcome to CONFIDA LAB, right here on CONFIDA TV! Kimberlie Dykeman, CONFIDA spokesperson, brings you original videos to teach you how to keep your business open, your jobs intact, your communities safer, and your own wallet protected. Rotating segments include: Reality check: latest news, statistics, and industry trends about counterfeit money, credit card fraud, identity theft, forgery, check fraud TechBytes: cool science and history behind technologies used to create CONFIDA counterfeit detection devices, and how authenticate currencies, IDs and documents are made. Topics include: UV light, watermarks, infrared light, microprinting, magnetic ink, holograms. The Land of Fraud: entertainment pieces, myths, oddities, unveiled mysteries about money, counterfeiting, financial crimes, etc. Inside Scoop: insights about loss prevention, best practices and product integration from thought leaders; client success stories CONFIDA is a fraud detection and intervention company that specializes in counterfeit transactions, offering an exclusive product line and unparalleled preventative training and consulting services.