Robby Gragg

Welcome to my channel! This channel consists mainly of train videos I have taken. If you are a fan of railroads you are in the right place! Many of you know me as EJE665 on Youtube. <br /><br />In order to keep this channel enjoyable for everyone, there are two rules that apply. <br />1. No unneccesary comments. <br />2. No spamming. <br /><br />Also, a third rule is that the videos on here are mine, and you must have prior permission from me in oder to use them! <br /><br />If any of these rules are broken, I will not hesitate to take action as you have been warned ahead of time! All users that do break these rules will be blocked. <br /><br />Last, but most importantly, enjoy the videos! <br />J-Ball Productions - The Dailymotion Version