FOR ALL APPS AND HATS VIDEOS (prizes, promotions, reviews and fun fun fun...) Visit our site, we are only releasing a few videos here... <br /><br />Apps & Hats is a quirky iPhone application review show. Every other week the girls (Christine and Hattie) will review iPhone applications within a wide range of categories. You can also vote on the site (once their reviews have been posted), for which application you think is better. This poll will normally last for about 2 weeks and will be attached to the review posts. <br /><br />The 6 minute sessions will be aired every 2 weeks. Each episode will have a particular item of fashion from Victorian Corsets to Uniforms. <br /><br />The girls will each choose an application within the same category and then review what is good about the app, bad about it, and what could be improved. Also, is the application value for money and worth both your cash and an elusive place on your device with its limit of 148 apps. <br /><br />x the girls