CCE Sports Network

Building pride in ourselves, our community and our accomplishments have been our goal since 1996. Click Click Expose (Gay Entertainment Media) & The CCE Sports Network is a multi-media entertainment destination website, audio/video production company and live sports streaming website. <br /><br />Our goal has always been to showcase the diversity, depth and talent that exist within our community and share that with the world. Our latest project is one we think is of historic value to our community - the creation of the "first ever" live web streaming website dedicated to Gay and Lesbian sporting events across the country.<br /><br />This NEW live sports web streaming initiative together with our video, podcasting and internet radio platforms allow us to make our mark on the gay and lesbian internet community by providing fantastic multi-media content for you to watch, listen and enjoy.<br /><br />Visit our websites to learn more:<br /> and<br /><br />Welcome to our family, enjoy our channel and please leave us your comments, feedback and suggestions on how we can make this better for you.