THE TRUE ISRAELITES ARE THOSE WHOSE FATHERS ARE OF (NEGROID) DESCENT, THAT WAS SCATTERED THROUGHOUT THE FACE OF THE EARTH!! {Deut. 28:64} <br /><br />Yahawadah -- Judah = Yahawah Thanks <br />Banyamyan -- Benjamin = Son Of The Right Hand <br />Laway -- Levi= Attached(Joined To Me) <br />Shamiwan -- Simeon = Affliction Heard <br />Rawaban -- Reuben = See Ye a Son <br />Yasshakar -- Issachar = He Is Hired <br />Zabalawan -- Zebulon = Dwelling <br />Napathalay - Naphtali = My Wrestling <br />Gad -- Gad = Troop(Fortune) <br />Aparayam -- Ephraim = I Am Fruitful <br />Manashah -- Manasseh = Made To Forget <br />Ashar -- Asher = Happy <br /><br />* MESSAGE * <br />THROUGH THE SPIRIT AND THE STRENGTH OF THE MOST HIGH, THE KINGDOM IS COMMEN!! <br /> ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED!! <br /> THROUGH THE DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT TO THE MOST HIGH- <br /> AND HIS SON YAHAWAHSHI!! <br /> THROUGH OUR SAVIOR MAYBE AND THROUGH STRONG FAITH, JUST MAYBE, JUST MAYBE... <br /> WE WILL RECEIVE THE CROWN OF LIFE!!!