Hello everybody, my name's Gigi. Before I started to burn fat running I weighed over 200 pounds, yep, I had my own zip code. <br /><br />When I stood, my obesity caused my knees to crackle and pop. My whole body had to work twice as hard as a normal person's to do anything; so I didn’t do much. The couch and TV were my best friends. <br /><br />I had no weight loss motivation and I accepted that I was going to be fat for the rest of my life. <br /><br />I embraced my eating disorders, ate what I wanted, when I wanted and just tried to enjoy myself. <br /><br />Then one day it hit me too much body fat and chronic disease go hand in hand. I didn't want to die young, so I started looking for solutions ( I think I tried them all). But I wanted a good all around way to burn total body fat without surgery, drugs or a whacky diet. Then one day a friend said: <br /><br />“why not try walking, and I'm not talking about to the refrigerator” <br /><br />Should of hit him but I couldn't get motivated enough to get off the couch. <br /><br />But he had a point. So the next day, I put on a pair of comfortable walking shoes and started my walking weight loss experiment. I liked it, kept at it and this eventually led to running, liked it even more and Burn Fat Running was born. <br /><br />It didn't happen over night, but eventually I lost 75 pounds. That's right, 75 jiggling pounds of fat gone! <br /><br />And yeah my knees thank me everyday. <br /><br />I always promised myself that if I was able to burn fat running, Id help others who wanted to lose weight, and lower their chances of chronic diseases. <br /><br />So here I am, check out my site and let me know what you think. <br /><br />Live a healthier life. <br /><br />Live a longer life. <br /><br />Live a happier life. <br /><br />You've got nothing to lose but your body fat. Smiles...Gigi <br />