Marco Buono

Marco Buono is an independent Singer, Songwriter and Filmmaker. He had various appearances and lots of gigs with different bands and show acts as part of them or guest.

He has been aired and interviewed at the german radiostations bigFM (presenting FRANKY`S SONG), at Sky Radio (Baden Airpark), Radio Regenbogen. His music is played at many different Webradios until present day.

Back in the year 2000 he jobbed as host of funny events in several Discotheques all over Germany.

Buono is making music since 1992. He is composing, arranging and singing his songs all by himself. Besides Keyboard/Piano, he also plays a bit guitar, bassguitar and drums. Music instruments have always been fascinating to him since he was 4 years old. Through all these years Marco Buono recorded lots of demosongs of different styles (especially Pop, Dance, Poprock and Ballads). In addition there are several compositions which hasn't been recorded yet. In the meantime there is plenty of material to fill up to 4 or 5 Albums. Unfortunately the equipment is not good enough for producing high quality recordings and a professional mastering. So he's just recording low quality demosongs until there might be an oppurtunity to get into a collaborationship with a label and matchable producerteam.

Anyway there are 3 Tracks available in downloadstores worldwide via digital distribution through a german Netlabel. These Tracks have been made with the best quality possible for Buono. You may check them out at iTunes or Amazon.