Bulat Gafarov

Bulat Gafarov - professional composer, musician multiinstrumentalist, singer with unique voice, collector of musical instruments and ethnographer from Russia.<br /><br />In the collection of Bulat more than 500 musical instruments of the world, such as: violins, flutes, mouth harps, percussions, didgeridoo, kalimba, koto, hang, drums, keyboards, brass and string instruments. Thirty of them Bulat uses in his one-man band performances. Bulat is recognized as the owner of a unique vocal, he professionally sings throat, oriental, russian singing and beatbox.<br /><br />Bulat performs in United States, Canada, Russia, Europe and Asia. His compositions are in many films, theaters, commercials, animated films and performances.<br /><br />Bulat music covers many styles: world music, ethno, electronic, classical music and jazz.<br /><br />"Concerts of Bulat Gafarov is unique multimedia show. During his performances the listener makes an unforgettable ethno-musical journey..."