We're the Brooklyn Boyz, we enjoy entertaining through all of our videos. We have lived in Brooklyn, New York all our lives. All of us love to make videos, no matter if it entertains one or one million people. It's the enjoyment of making a good video, the fun we have shooting the video, the bloopers, and the many friends we make and entertain through our videos. That's what truly makes our group so awesome! We have many different kinds of videos, we have talks, reviews, wrestling, video games, bloopers, skits, commercials, and just expect ANYTHING! Our video's are sometimes very random, other times we just grab the camera and go. There's one thing our videos always are and that's entertaining! Yeah maybe we act a little crazy/retarded and random stuff happens in our videos, that's just how we are. The Brooklyn Boyz are two brothers (Chris and Mike), along with our best buds Kevin, Hilary, Joe, Richie, Joey, Anthony and a few of our other good friends and family. Also connected to our site are Mikes "DudeOfRock18" site, Chris' "DarkAvengerC86" site, Hilary's "PonoccaKay" site, and Kevin's "ShadowWolf000" site, all sites even though are run individually are still affiliated with our main site here. So join us on our journey into the unknown.