Brittaney Peacock

I'm Brittaney Peacock or also used to be known as Brittaney Hill. Some little facts about me is I love animals I own 6, 2 dogs 3 cats and a rabbit, in the past I've owned Birds,fish, guiniepigs, a mouse and turtles and crabs. I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico and I' living Houston, TX. In my free time I like to write poetry scripts for plays short stories etc. I love all forms of art, I like to do logic puzzles play board games cards, and being online chatting to friends family and meet new people. I playing on my Wii and Xbox. I am a big fan of Harry Potter series. I was an extra in the movie Fan Boys which is based all about Star wars fans and Kirsten Bell played in that film and that is how I got to meet her. I've grown up watching SOAPS and my favorite soap was just cancelled last year but went off air on Jan 13,2012 but last August I got to go to Newark ,NJ and met The cast of OLTL and my all time favorite actress that I've grown up watching since she was on Wishbone the PBS kids TV show, and that would be Melissa Archer and It was awesome meeting her, and also on Jan 13, 2012 Melissa Archer, John-Paul and Kristen Alderson were on ar with Michael Fairman and some other guy and I called in and I was able to talk to Melissa Archer which was awesome and it took me by surprise when she asked is this Brittaney P by chance and well for Melissa to ask that ,it's awesome. I run the fan page Melissa Archer Fan Site on Facebook which is a page dedicated to Melissa Archer. I'm also a fan of Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Kristen Bell, Bethany Joy Galeotti, Sophia Bush and Lucille Ball and many of other actors and actress. Wanna know more just add and ask