Britney Denmark Britney J Spears

Hi all Britney's fans <br />This Page belong to Britney Denmark <br />to Britney-Jean Spears <br />I'm from Denmark, will start a whole new website for Britney's fan in Denmark. <br />after we started in 2008, and now we go we dyber within the core of Britney. <br />I would say we would like to help support Britney Spears .. <br />And we would like to see more of Britney in Denmark. <br />Support Britney, where her fan can buy her perfume and CD. m more <br />Therefore it would make me happy if we could collect all the countries in the world, as a network, to show our super queen Britney Jean Spears <br />So we called here in Denmark, Britney Denmark .. <br /><br />Who is a Britney Jean Spears <br /><br />Britney Spears was born in McComb, Mississippi and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana as a Southern Baptist. Her parents are Lynne Irene (née Bridges), a former elementary school teacher, and Jamie Parnell Spears, a former building contractor and chef. Spears has two siblings, Bryan and Jamie Lynn. Bryan Spears is married to Jamie-Lynn's manager, Graciella Rivera. <br /><br />but britney is 27 i work for jive as an artist she have 2 kids preston and jayden who she love more than anythin in this world <br /><br />But is a beyond then 20st march 2008. The name is a Britney Spears Co in Denmark. <br /><br />Can you handle me?