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Raymond and Ralston Brickerson often referred to, as Ray and Ross are two young men that truly are after God’s own heart when it comes to His ministry. Raised in Detroit, Michigan these first cousins were highly active in their church youth ministry. They were given the opportunity to fully express their praise and worship through numerous organizations. From the choir to the step team, and from the drama department to mime ministry, Ray and Ross were able to utilize their God given talents to not only worship Jesus Christ but also minister to today’s generation. They truly wanted to do more than what was put before them in the youth ministry. After ministering for the first time in front of the congregation the response was nothing like they expected. God’s people were not entertained but they were left with a word from God. Currently as young adults, Ross and Ray juggle class work as well as work, but always have time for the many Brick by Brick mime ministry endeavors. This dynamic duo has ministered throughout Michigan, Toronto, and Ohio, where they starred in church plays, gospel festivals, college and radio sponsored events, concerts, listening parties, and the highly esteemed One in Worship event. Many of these events included an anointing cast of gospel artists such as, Mary Mary, Karen Clark Sheard, Fred Hammond, Antwaun Stanley, Israel Houghton, Rock Nation, 21:03 and many more. Brick by Brick understands their purpose in the ministry and is willing to be used as well as take on whatever mission God has placed them on. Brick by Brick truly respects the anointing of God, and they humble themselves to be led by Him. They are open to Jesus Christ decreasing them so that He may increase Himself within them. They do not come to entertain but to sustain and remind you of God’s goodness and mercy. How? By continually laying down a strong foundation of revelation through Jesus Christ and mime.

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