Bastian Auser

Photos and videos published by myself to defend my basic human rights which were entirely denied(violated) by first what is "Slovenia" and second United States of America.<br /><br />Norway, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Canada, Belgium and Human rights organizations(UN & Amnesty) were and are also involved in violation of my basic human rights.<br /><br />First....Yugoslav communist pro Serbian system have in Slovenia since kindergarten age and till completion of army service , engaged against me with severe daily beatings/violence/brutality thus banning me from educated prosperity and secondary disallowing me employment according to level of education as an adult(I am mechanical engineering technician by profession and mechanic as well). Therefore, I didn't have choice other than to immigrate abroad(temporary labor jobs were offered prior to mz exit from Slovenia in 1995).<br /><br />After I was forced in 1995 to immigrate to USA from more and more Slavic pro Yugoslav(Serbian) communist Slovenia, I was abducted in 1998(just got green card) and was placed for three and half months on mkultra torture(brainwashing procedures) during which above mentioned parties(also human rights organizations) have first conditioned my nationalist views with lobotomy unless I would accept minorities in my life as granted and then suggested me how brain implants were installed in my head(gps tracking device) as well.... during this very abduction in 1998, I was also tortured physically(severe beatings took place and when suggested that I will not be allowed to return to USA, I have suffered a heart atack) and was transferred from Miami to Europe(Slovenia).<br /><br />Severe forced unemployment followed(was told in 1995 prior to my departure to USA by Slovenian communists that I will not be allowed to stay in USA and same then in late 1995 by US immigration how they contacted Slovenian authorities and those demanded me back per ASAP... I was married to US citizen, so they were not able to deport me) upon my return to USA which was used to systematically destroy me parallel to other overseas abductions that took place after 1998(there was more abductions that followed the main one in 1998).<br /><br />Abductions(MKULTRA) were used to afterwards intensify acts of genocide(forced systematic joblessness after 9/11) against me with what have now turned into over seven years of forceful unemployment during which over 30.000 job applications were denied(no right to financial support), no right to lodging... no rights of any kind. 25.000 job applications were denied in USA alone while 5.000 were denied in Slovenia/Austria/Germany/Sweden/Norway and Canada if you ever managed to see videos from my site<br /><br />While Belgium and Canada offered asylum option, Norway and Germany have declined one... <br /><br />Unfortunately, Canada and Belgium didn't offer immediate lodging and financial support when applying for asylum, so I ended sleeping in my car(Canada) and on the street in Belgium(got almost killed by so called minorities on both occasions... VIDEOS ARE AVAILABLE for those of you who would only think about think or to question cause itself)... Norwegian immigration authorities were extremely hateful toward me and have thrown me out on the street very same day upon arrival to Norway in 2010.... Norwegian authorities have used minorities(Chinese and Turks wearing Norwegian Immigration uniforms) to persecute me during asylum application procedure and German used Turks to do very same. <br /><br />Keep in mind that I was born in 1971 in what is now known as so called "Slovenia" which was over 1500 years part of German nations and for that reason I consider myself to be German only and with US citizenship.<br /><br />Let this serve as a bitter taste of reality for those of you that are out there and would like to have group closed in the name of NWO... THIS GROUP IS HERE TO STAY AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO PACK TO WHEREVER YOU CAME FROM !!! I DEMAND MY COUNTRIES BACK !!!<br /><br />As an retaliation procedure against me, Slovenian authorities have in 2012 and 2013, thrown me behind walls of mental institution for entire 18 months where severely tortured and threatened against due to my political stands.