Every minute a child is born with HIV. It is a tragedy – for them, for their mothers and for their families – because they will die if they do not get treatment. It is also an immense human burden with devastating consequences for their country and indeed for the world. <br />And, today, there is a solution that works. It is a simple, effective and inexpensive medical treatment. A few countries have started using it. The first results are very encouraging. This solution has to reach every country – urgently – so every pregnant woman can get treatment. <br />We can eliminate AIDS transmission from mothers to children by 2015. Yes, we can eliminate it; to create an AIDS-free generation, ready to be educated and trained to develop their countries, and contribute to the balance of the world. <br />We started the Born HIV Free movement to support efforts to protect mothers and children from AIDS by attracting all the spotlights and sending out all the messages they need. There is a very real solution to this problem. And that solution is within reach. But we need political leaders, the media and the public to rally together around the world to reach that solution. <br />Join us.