Weekend Boot Camp 2 Days 10 -12 training sessions <br /><br />Various locations Near Melbourne and on the Sunshine Coast 1 hr North of Brisbane <br /><br />Our Mission Statement <br />* To provide the most gruelling boot camp weekends possible <br />* To create a memory that will inspire you always <br />* To assist every recruit reach their full potential <br />* To teach you to believe & succeed <br /><br />On our Boot Camps we take you out of your comfort zone & will show you your strength. <br />In just 2 days you will complete 10 training sessions each session 1 to 2 hrs duration <br />Every training session will push you to your limits both physically & mentally We will show you that you can run, climb mountains & jump off, do push ups, pull, push & carry things, get dirty, work in a team & as an individual, problem solve, over come fears & that even the most timid of spirits has a fighter within. <br />On Bootcamp you will learn that you have far more physical ability than you think. <br />We will have you reach your physical & mental potential. <br /><br />If you would like to see what you are truly capable of then our Boot Camps are for you <br />Visit <br />Phone 1300 400 906 <br /><br />