Blue Marvel

Our Mission at BlueMarvel is to deliver high quality experiential HD programming of nature's events to an audience in search of a bigger, better and slower viewing experience. <br /><br />The best way to experience nature is simple. Go outside. For those who cannot, BlueMarvel presents an alternative. This is nature's events at nature's pace, bears on bear time, and the passage of the sun according to its own rhythm. <br /><br />BlueMarvel pioneered a format we like to call "Experiential HDTV", whereby the viewer is allowed to slow down and develop a deeper relationship with the content, as if it were an open picture window in their home, hotel room or place of business. Our inventory of experiences include sunrises, sunsets, storms, distinct animal behaviors and migrations from stunning and evocative landscapes of our planet, all with crisply recorded natural sound. We visit the rolling grassy plains and mountains of the American west, Alaska, the coasts of Hawaii and Maine and the peaks of New Zealand. <br /><br />The creators of BlueMarvel are the producers of the highly successful HD series Sunrise Earth, which is now entering its fourth season. Reviews and response to the shows have validated our belief that a growing audience wants Experiential HDTV.