Blu2you is a web-based movie and video game rental service that delivers to the Westside of Los Angeles quickly and efficiently. Unlike other web-based rental companies, Blu2you won´t make you wait for the mail to bring you your movie ever again. We promise that the movie, game or TV series you order is the one you get. If you love new releases you will receive the new release you want the day it becomes available. We offer a convenient alternative to driving to the movie store or waiting for your mail and provide a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Movies, games and TV series, all in one convenient location. <br /><br />We deliver your movie on the day you rent it. No exceptions, no conditions. That way you can plan your evening knowing that your movie/game/TV show will be waiting for you at the end of your busy day. You don´t have to make an extra stop or wonder whether the mail will have brought that new release you´ve been waiting for. We take the guess work out and provide a reliable, same day service. <br /><br />Blu2you is entertainment, delivered.