Ron Schmidt

Ron Schmidt - Founder, CEO of the Advertising Airships Marketing Group, a Marketing Consultants Group Specialized Marketing Group, and The First Worldwide Aerial (Outdoor) Advertising Marketing Specialists are Creators and Producers of "THE BIG IDEA (tm)" and "THE REALLY BIG IDEA (tm)", the most effective aerial advertising campaigns ever devised. <br /><br />Cutting through the media clutter, getting everyone's attention and the sales results you want and need. <br /><br />Call our professional staff now at 888-574-8257 Ext. 57 or visit our web site to discover more about THE REALLY BIG IDEA (tm) and how we will help you get the sales results you want and need - delivering your important advertising message to the nations and the world. <br /><br />About Ron Schmidt - <br />Ron has been directly responsible for over $252,000,000 in sales during his 40-year sales and marketing management career, collaborating and working for a cast of industry-leading Fortune 500 heavyweights including:  <br /><br />Fram Corp. <br />Honeywell Inc. <br />Boise-Cascade Corp. <br />Bauch & Lomb <br />Cooper Vision, Inc. <br />Amstar-Domino Sugar <br />  <br />Ron was the first strategic marketer/consultant to develop powerful selling systems solutions, coining phrases like: <br />   <br />"Personal Interactive Advertising" <br /><br />"Empowering Your 'Unpaid' Sales Force" <br /><br />"Breaking The Deadly Silence Of Today's 'Unpredictable Silent' Marketing" <br /><br />and developed some of "The Most Effective Marketing Campaigns Ever Devised" <br />making millions for his clients and customers.  <br /><br />As one of the most creative and savvy marketing minds and innovators in the marketing business today, Ron and his professional team of strategic marketers, advertising advisors, public relations pros and selling systems solutions providers will empower YOU to easily eliminate your dreaded competition, monopolize your market, and get the lifestyle you always want and deserve - all without spending a fortune or sacrificing your time. <br /><br /> - "THE REALLY BIG IDEA"