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I'm going back again to my first video hosting site at YouTube ^__^;; my user name is LynnaChan so if you want to check just go and search my name.... sorry for not making any AMV bcuz I have lots of works and everybody is needing me on my other site too... I should take a long break here. If I have new come up AMV I will added here for my others friends too ^^;;.....

Watashi wa domo... sumimasen desu~ ne... ue-domo.... gome... gome... domo.. gomenasai... Boku ureshi *bow* betso nii sumimasen *bow* gomenasai~

Lynna Chan ^_^

I don't have much to do here in my description but if you want to download all my AMV pls. look one of the AMV description of all my videos. I'm sure I added the AMV download links and if you only want a song of my AMV just request it to me or you can leave the message and I will deliver the song once I get your message. Hope you enjoy my AMV, thank you!

My Best Wishes

Thank you for joining in my small group ;)

I am SOLID ANIME FAN and my groups is purely FAN-MADE creation!!

Disclaimer: I don't own any kind of Legal ANIME and nor do I have any rights to it. All credit goes to its proper animators/writers/directors. I also do not own Legal Song/Audio nor do I own any rights to any of their stuff. This was purely fan made and was no way intending to copyright infringe upon anyone.

If you got any problem to one of my work AMV you can chat me privately on my:

YH! ID: noriku_chan
SKYPE: norikuchan
GMAIL: blacklady27

either you can email me: [NO SPAM I WILL BLOCKED YOU]
I am pretty sure I won't missed if that's very urgent matter.

LynnaChan ^^;;

please let me know where did you find my other acct. if you want to added me on your friends list, okay?

Hajimemashite miina-san~ Yuroushiku kudasai~ *bow*

Also please visit my Friends Forum here at:

also you can watch different anime here (other will come out soon~!) on this community group site:,anime_music_videos

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