Boris Korczak
Fairfax, United States
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Ex-CIA Spy Boris Korczak was a double agent for the United States Government. While working exclusively for the United States he convinced the Soviets that he was one of them.

He was so good at this that he reached the rank of Major in the dreaded KGB.

He was exposed under myserious circumstances in 1979 and after fleeing to the United States he was brushed off by the CIA and left for the wolves.

Boris was never compensated for his 7 years of undercover work he performed for the CIA and to add insult to injury, the United States Government even denied him citizanship.

Boris and his family recieved their citizenship but through other means then were promised to him by the CIA.

In essence, Boris Korczak risked his life and the lives of his family because he believed in the United States and what it was supposed to stand for.

In the end, he was tossed aside, by the country he fought for, like so much garbage.