I am big fan of Hey Arnold!,Lilo and Stitch and of course Recess.I have three kid fancharacters in Recess.Here's their bio. <br /><br />James Harjanne: Half finn/american 6th grader who is King Bob's best friend since preschool. He has crush on Mayu. He is good in mechaic works. <br /><br />Biruka Harjanne: My alter ego and also 6th grader. She is James's cousin and unlike James,she is full finn. Her crush is King Bob and vice versa. Later when they go in Kaui, she accitentally change experiment. She have habbit to call people in their real names and invente strange nicknames. <br /><br />Mayumi "Mayu"Pelekai: Half hawaiian/japanese girl who is also 6th grader. She is Lilo and Nani's cousin. She really gentelly hates King Bob. She doesn't have her left eyebrow anymore since Bob is fault of this. <br /><br />