Founded in 2008, BigTurns Online Business Systems Inc has been helping small business owners convert more website visits to paid orders with its industry leading interactive web portals. <br /><br />BigTurns Online Business Systems is an application service provider and software development firm with the purpose of delivering one database solution with multiple customer modules including e-commerce technology email marketing, and on demand site editing to small business owners. <br /><br />Drawing from expertise in software development, small business operations, Internet marketing and sales, BigTurns has created a software-as-a-service that reduces overall administration time, increases the professional look of a site and increases online sales. <br /><br />BigTurns continues to grow and diversify its product offerings and to continuously upgrade them to maintain cutting edge technology and overall product quality. <br /><br />BigTurns values our customer’s time and money and respects the demands placed on the small business owner.