Hello all! I'm Dave from NJ in the USA. I set up this page to share information about making money online. Specifically, I want to share information about making money online, working from home, home-based businesses, internet marketing and network marketing. <br /> Over the years, I'm come across MANY different ways to make money online. Most of them were pure SCAMS! Others may have been legitimate, but they didn't TRAIN the people who got involved HOW to make money with the system, service, or product. PROPER TRAINING AND SUPPORT IS THE KEY TO DOING ANYTHING WELL AND BEING SUCCESSFUL! <br /> If you're interested in making money online, setting up a home-based business, and networking with other like-minded people, then feel free to add me as a friend, send me a message HERE on DailyMotion, and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. I love trading ideas and good information with others, so we can LEARN FROM EACH OTHER. Hopefully, you will find ALL of my videos to be USEFUL in helping you in some way. <br /><br />To OUR Success, <br />DAVE