Jim Jermanok

The Jermanok Brothers are delighted to present their creative career workshop BEYOND THE CRAFT: How to Be Proactive and Take Charge of Your Creative Career in 5 New England cities this October. If you missed them at Harvard University in the spring, here's your chance to see the duo again. <br /><br />This three-hour life-changing workshop is for all aspiring and working creative professionals who want to improve their careers: actors, authors, journalists, screenwriters, directors, filmmakers, producers, musicians, singers, comedians, composers, and artists. It’s an empowering, no bull, bottom line, and pragmatic approach to everything you need to know to make a living creatively. <br /><br />Jim Jermanok, a former ICM Agent and award-winning writer, director, and producer of feature films (two of which "PASSIONADA" and "AGGANIS" were shot in New England) will be joined by his brother, Steve, one of the most prolific travel writers in America, having written more than 150 articles just for the Boston Globe. He has written more about New England for national publications than any other writer. Together, they will use their combined 50 years of insider professional experience to save people many years of trial and error. <br /><br />upcoming seminars: <br />- Portland on October 13th <br />- Providence on October 16th <br />- Boston on October 18th <br />- Stamford on October 19th <br />- New Bedford on October 20th. <br /><br />For further information and to purchase ticket, please visit www.beyondthecraft.org. <br /><br />There is an Early Bird Discount, and a Student Discount, which students can obtain by using the Coupon Code STUDENT to receive an additional $10 off! <br /><br />Looking forward to having you there!