Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays specializes in providing spectacular vacations at prices travelers can afford. Knowing that club members work hard all year so they can spend a week or two doing exactly what they enjoy, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays works hard 365 days a year so members can take that dream vacation without breaking the budget.<br /><br />Pierre Bennett Global Holidays has developed working relationships with hotels, timeshares, cruise lines, and others in the hospitality industry in order to offer the best prices possible to club members. Members are walked through each step of the process of booking their travel through Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, making the process easy for anyone.<br /><br />Traditional timeshares have fallen out of favor with today’s travelers, as people have found the process of using a specific allotted time far too limiting. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays works with club resorts around the world to offer the type of reliable, home-away-from-home experience timeshare customers enjoy–without the hassle. Breathe fresh mountain air in the Smokies or lounge on the beaches of the Caribbean. There’s no limit to the number of trips you can book through Pierre Bennett Global Holidays in a year, which makes it stand out from other travel clubs.<br /><br />Your membership with Pierre Bennett Global Holidays also allows you to share club discounts with friends and family at no additional charge. You can either bring them along on your trip or add family to your membership, sharing your discount with those you love most.<br /><br />Think of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays as your 24/7 travel agent. Using the travel service’s website, you can book your trip in the middle of the night if you so desire, but you aren’t limited to the website. For members who prefer, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays offers a concierge service during regular business hours to help you plan your trip in a customized, friendly manner.