Bad MediCyn

I live in Chicago. It kicks maximum ass! I have had an insatiable appetite for the following since forever - <br /><br />The Undertaker(any era, any time, will always be my fave)/Wrestling in general <br />Metallica (yes, old and new, whatever they are, they'll still kick ass) <br />EverLast (yes, the musician), Was always better solo <br />Garfield the Cat (been my fave cartoon character since basically the day I was born!) <br /><br />I tend to stick with what I like and remain loyal to have to love something through thick and thin, hard times and good. If more people thought like me, maybe the divorce rate in the states wouldn't be so high, lmao! <br /><br />I like Metal/Rock, I like to write, and plenty of other things. I like to be part of the moment, which means I don't do dinner and a movie, heehee. <br /><br />As a wrestling fan, I hate Hulk Hogan. I have never liked him, and have disliked him more and more since growing up. He's a moronic idiot, and needs someone to stomp a six inch hole in the middle of his forehead, so we don't have to listen to him ever again. I'm willing to do it! *smirks* <br /><br />