YouTube started trippin, deleting my accounts for nothing, so I brought my talents to "Dailymotion".<br /><br />That was a lil'joky joke. But on the real YouTube was trippin.<br /><br />This page is dedicated to bringing out the truth of the Holy Bible & to help wake up God's chosen people.<br /><br />"THE 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL"<br /><br />JUDAH - American Blacks<br /><br />BENJAMIN - Jamaica/West Indian Blacks<br /><br />LEVI - Haitians<br /><br />SIMEON - Dominicans<br /><br />ZEBULON - Black Indians Guatemala to Panama (Mayans)<br /><br />Joseph / EPHRAIM - Puerto Ricans (Hosea 7:8, 4:7, 8:8, 14:18)<br /><br />Joseph / MANASSEH - Cubans<br /><br />GAD - Native North American Indians<br /><br />REUBEN - Seminole Indians<br /><br />ASHER - Brazil/Columbia to Uruguay (Incas)<br /><br />ISSACHAR - Mexicans (Aztecs) (1 Chron 12:32)<br /><br />NAPTHALI - Argentina/Chile