Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

BNU is a world-class Liberal Arts institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of Liberal Arts including Visual Arts and Design, English Literature and Cultural Studies, Architecture, Psychology, Economics, Journalism and Media Studies, Theatre, Film and Television, Education, as well as in Computer and Information Technology. <br /> <br />BNU retains its identity as a non-profit, apolitical, equal-opportunity institution that celebrates its diversity through a good gender-balance, international students (from all SAARC countries besides Iran, China, Russia, the UK and USA among its student body) and students with disabilities. <br /> <br />Our mission is a unique undertaking that stands undeterred in producing a respectful and tolerant generation of young people who possess the potential to create a positive impact in their communities within a relatively short period of time. <br /> <br />BNU continues to offer modern curricula in a range of conventional and new disciplines while preserving the history and culture of Pakistani society. It enriches the overall intellectual growth of a student through interaction and professional excellence. <br /> <br />BNU has the following seven schools that offer undergraduate and graduate programs in various disciplines: <br /> <br />Mariam Dawood School of Visual Art & Design (SVAD) <br />Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA) <br />School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) <br />Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (SLASS) <br />School of Computer and Information Technology (SCIT) <br />School of Education (SE) <br />Institute of Psychology (IP) <br /> <br /> <br />For further information, visit our website