Pari has written articles on history, the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge, Reptilians, snake people, underground bases, Aliens, the Sumerian myths, the End, Jesus Christ, Abraham, Moses, World rule, Mahabharata, Ramayana, people from Atlantis, meditation, Brahma Kumaris, cycle of time, ancient Egyptian myths, Hindu gods and godesses, etc.
Pari's articles were written based on :
1. what Pari received through her link to God,
2. what Pari had seen through visions and experiences,
3. research and ancient evidences left behind,
4. explanations got through Pari's past births (from the ancient mapmakers who were involved with the creation of the ancient legends, scriptures etc).
5. The Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge given in the Brahma Kumaris and in other Confluence Aged organisations.

The videos in this Channel have to be seen along with the discussions found in Pari's articles. The remainder of the videos will be uploaded here, later, as they get recorded. If you do not understand anything I have said, or if you want to share your experiences based on your past births, please contact me or through my e-mail address (bkpari28@gmail.com).

I have just created a web-site for my videos and there is also a forum there for anyone to say something related to the videos. This web-site is in the process of getting developed. This web-site address is http://brahmakumari.webs.com

I hope you enjoy this Dailymotion channel of mine.

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