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We're Big Bang Vietnamese fansite BBVN's Subbing Team <br /><br />We're doing our best to share Big Bang's videos in Vietnamese in order to spread Big Bang's love <br /><br />All fansubbed videos here is FOR FREE NOT FOR SALE <br /><br />If you want to watch in highest quality, please join, our only official site, for the download links of all the hardsubbed. In BBVN, you'll also be able to update the newest Big Bang's News, Photos, Lyrics, ect and make friends with other V.I.P - Very Interesting People, Big Bang's Very Important People, too ^^ <br /><br />Your comments are the most valuable things for us. So feel free to leave your comments and invite us as your friend in youtube to update our videos ^^ <br /><br />Keep supporting us and our Big Bang <br /><br />Big Bang is V.I.P <br />We're V.I.P <br />~♥~