BB BlackDog

BB BLACKDOG have a unique sound, with just two bass and drums. <br />(no guitars). <br /><br />They are made up of members from successfull bands :- <br /><br />INCUBATOR(de), THE HAPPY CITIZENS(uk) & SUPERKRAUT(de) and have sold over 100,000 albums between them. <br /><br />Here's what others have said about BB BLACKDOG <br /><br />Voted Best new Sleaze rock band in the 2007 Total Rock awards <br /> <br /><br />Tonight, the last hope of the dark and heavy 70’s blues rock is playing in the Palenke club in Kiel. <br />Kiel News, 6 February 2008 <br /><br />'The breadth of the bands musical style is equitable to the experience of it's band members......... BB Blackdog are an encyclopedia of music business knowledge in one creative unit'. <br />Michael Roberts <br />Guestlist Music <br /> <br /><br />At present BB BLACKDOG are number 4 in the German myspace charts, and have topped number 10 in the USA myspace Rock charts. <br />BB BLACKDOG are undertaking UK Tours In August, October, and Dec/Jan <br /><br />We're also happy to be in the UK for any large events or festivals on other Dates <br /><br />We do promote actively ourselves all gigs, as do our promoters, First light in the uk, and red rock in Germany, and of course put on a proffessional and very entertaining show of up to 3 hours. <br /><br />We have 3 Albums recorded already, and are currently considering our options for release of our second, the first released under our own label WhiteDog Records. <br /><br />BB BLACKDOG have also featured on various compilation CD's. <br />The songs on our myspace player were chosen to show our diversity, please give them all a short play at least, and bare in mind we are First and formost a very good Live band. <br /><br />Thank you for your time. <br />I look forward to your comments. <br /><br />Cheers Dale <br /><br />