Avinoam Lerner

Free Video Revealing Breakthrough Method to Healing Cancer and Chronic Illness at www.AvinoamLerner.com <br /><br />Avinoam Lerner is the author of The New Cancer Paradigm - Increase the Effectiveness of Your Medical Treatment with Immersive Healing. He uses evidence based immunotherapeutic approach rooted in psychoneuroimmunology to heal cancer and chronic illness. <br /><br />His method is based on three premises: <br /><br /> 1. The body’s natural immune-system is designed to defend against all illnesses, cancer included. <br /><br />2. Harmful states of mind (primarily anger, guilt, shame, etc.) can suppress the immune system. <br /><br />3. If these harmful states of mind can be resolved and cleansed, the immune response can be revived and cancer prevented or healed. <br /><br /> Learn if you qualify at www.AvinoamLerner.com